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What is New School Programme (NSP)?

New School Program (NSP) is one of the initiatives of Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) which is bringing a substantial change in the remotest areas of Punjab while providing access to education to out of school children and poor communities. Like other initiatives of PEF, NSP is also working in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode to deliver free and quality education to the community.

Who is eligible to apply for New School Programme (NSP)?

NSP has been expanding its partnership particularly with individuals in all 36 districts of Punjab while consistently launching new phases. Such expansions will provide adequate schooling facilities for out of school children.

What are the selection criteria for New School Programme (NSP)?

Individuals are invited to establish new schools or get their existing schools affiliated with NSP on the sites directly identified by PEF-NSP/GIS Team or identified by the individuals. Sites are identified on the basis of following:

  • There is no school (public/PEF) in a radius of 1 kilometer
  • Minimum population at identified site should be 350 approximately

What does “out of school children” mean?

A child of school going age (5-16 Years) as defined by the state who has never attended any formal educational institution is considered as out of school child (OSC).

What does “drop out” mean?

A child of school going age (5-16 Years) as defined by the state if not attending any formal educational institution for last 3 months excluding summer vacations is considered as Drop out child.

What if the school is Un-registered?

The partner school will register itself with the District Registration Authority within two years after entering into partnership with PEF-NSP.

How does Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) disburse funds to the partner of New School Programme?

The payments are made on monthly basis via online transfer system; however, every NSP partner school has to abide by the following rules in order to receive the best possible delivery of service:

  • Bank account in the name of the School/Institution (personal accounts are not acceptable)
  • Bank account in relevant (District/Tehsil) branch of the relevant bank to avail quick online transfer.
  • Submission of online monthly enrolment update
  • Upon compliance of the above mentioned conditions, the school will receive the duly verified payment every month.

How does Punjab Education Foundation Assure quality of education in New School Programme (NSP)?

Quality is maintained through a quality assurance system which is a combination of regular periodic monitoring and an annual Quality Assurance Test (QAT). 50 percent of partner school students need to score at least 33 percent in each subject tested and 40 percent overall marks. Failing in two consecutive written QATs may result in cancellation of partnership agreement.

What is the minimum enrolment limit in NSP?

The minimum enrolment limit of students in NSP schools is 50.

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