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New School Program

Level Wise Fee Per Child

Financial assistance for minimum 50 students as per rates approved by the BODs of PEF is provided to the partner for initial six months after signing of agreement with PEF under NSP. After verification through monitoring, payment is made as per actual enrolment keeping in view the infrastructure and other facilities in partner schools. The partner is required to submit monthly enrolment update report to the department so that timely release of payment as per verified enrolment is ensured. Level wise per student financial assistance in NSP is as below:

Level Wise Fee per Child

Level Wise Fee per Child is as follows:

  • Rs 550/- per student up till Primary classes
  • Rs 600/- Per student for Elementary classes
  • Rs 900/- Per student for Secondary Arts classes
  • Rs 1100/- Per student for Secondary Science students
  • Rs 1200/- Per student for Higher Secondary Arts classes
  • Rs 1500/- Per student for Higher Secondary Science classes
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