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What is the outreach of FAS Program?

FAS Program has outreach to all 36 districts of the Province of Punjab.

How is the performance of the school checked?

The qualitative performance of a school can be ascertained from their Annual Quality Assurance Test (QAT) results. Further, PEF Monitoring Team visits its partner schools on regular intervals during the year. The following are some of the standards that are checked during monitoring of schools:

  1. Student verification
  2. School Infrastructure verification
  3. Record verification
  4. Implementation of PEF Policies/ SOPs
  5. Money charging from students
  6. Corporal punishment

Moreover, schools are also incentivized annually on the basis of their annual evaluation through categorization.

How will Punjab Education Foundation monitor partner schools?

The Punjab Education Foundation may carry out class-wise random inspections of partner school to check/verify the accuracy of the reported enrolment, improvements made in the infrastructure (including rooms, toilets, drinking water facility, lighting in rooms, fans, electricity, furniture, security arrangement etc.) and standard of cleanliness and hygiene at any time without notice during working hours of the partner school. Students and teachers of the school, being supported under the PEF-FAS program may also be interviewed and must be directly accessible to the representatives of the Punjab Education Foundation.

What is categorization of partner schools?

FAS performs schools categorization annually for continuous improvement of the Program. All FAS partner schools have been divided in six categories i.e. A+, A, B+,B, C and D, mainly on the basis of their QAT result, physical infrastructure and teachers’ qualification, findings of monitoring reports, increase in enrollment, PEC/ BISE results etc. For this purpose, a categorization checklist has been developed and all partner schools are visited/ evaluated.

What is Quality Assurance Test (QAT) of partner schools?

To maintain the quality and standard of education, Quality Assurance Test (QAT) is conducted annually in all FAS partner schools. It is a key determinant for continuing financial support and failing in two consecutive QATs, the financial assistance is being discontinued. In order to qualify for QAT, 75% of tested students of the partner school are required to secure 40% marks in all subjects. This test is conducted inside school premises. Test is composed of multiple choice questions and subjective questions also.

What is Preliminary Quality Assurance Test (Pre-QAT)?

PRE-QAT is conducted in applicant schools which apply for FAS partnership in specific phase. It is mandatory part of school selection process. In order to qualify for Pre-QAT, 66.67% of tested students of the applicant school are required to secure 35% marks in English and 40% marks in remaining all subjects.

What if the school is un-registered?

An unregistered school may apply for partnership. However after coming into FAS partnership school shall register itself with the District Education Authority within prescribed time as approved by PEF-BOD. In case of non-registration within described timelines, school may be penalized and/or its partnership may be cancelled.

How is a school identified as a PEF-FAS partner school?

The partner schools are required to display the prescribed PEF board on its main gate and/ or any other prominent place. The specimen of the board is provided by PEF which is basically for information of general public that the children enrolled in the educational institution are supported under the PEF-FAS Program and education is provided free of cost.

What is the payment process?

The payment to the school is given after PEF-FAS agreement is signed. Before the process can take place the school must ensure the following:

  • Bank account to be opened only in the name of the School and drawing rights should be mentioned on Bank Account letter (personal accounts are not acceptable).
  • Bank account in any branch of the Bank Of Punjab are accepted(bank accounts in any other bank and any other district are not acceptable).

Once the school has entered into partnership, it is required to provide monthly student updates in online program developed for FAS partner schools which is called Students Information System (SIS). School owner should provide accurate enrollment figures within the due date (15th of each month) in SIS. Payment is released on the basis of online monthly update provided by partner school in SIS.

What is Student Information System (SIS)?

Student Information System (SIS) is web-based application software designed to collect and store information for integrating students, parents, teachers and the administration of FAS schools.

Student information system meets the following objectives:

  1. Maintenance and reporting of student’s data as per school record
  2. Maintained school teacher’s data
  3. Handling inquiries from prospective schools
  4. Handling the admissions process
  5. Enrolling new students
  6. Handling records of PEC and BISE examinations
  7. Providing statistical reports

When schools enter into FAS partnership, a SIS login is provided to school to update its enrolled students in PEF-SIS as per school record. Payments are prepared on the basis Online Monthly Update provided by partner school in SIS.

Can the partner school charge any fee from the students within the premises of the school?

From the date of execution of FAS partnership agreement the partner school will not charge any enrolled student any fee in whatsoever form, including fines, recreational activities, stationery, photocopy, class tours, admission charges, school leaving certificate fee, registration fees, selling of model papers etc. However, School’s Parent Teacher Council should be made and in case of field/ recreational/ trips/ activities consent of parents should be taken in written form and should be duly documented in Parent Council Register.

Is the partner school allowed to carry out second-time classes/tuition within its premises?

The partner school shall not conduct/ carry out after school classes within its premises. Any academic or non academic activity for profit making shall not be carried out once the school comes into partnership with the PEF. Moreover, laws of Govt. of the Punjab shall be strictly observed by partner schools regarding schools timings, holidays etc.

What should be the teacher/student ratio?

The teacher student ratio should not exceed 30 students per teacher and no single room may host more than one class at one time. Practice of conducting classes in verandas and passages among rooms are strictly denounced.

What should be ratios for drinking water and toilet?

The student-drinking point ratio should not exceed from 70 students per point. Similarly, same ratio will be observed for toilet facility. However, separate toilet shall be provided for girls students. There should be separate toilets for teachers/staff/principal which will not be considered while calculating ratio.

What is distribution of honoraria to partner schools?

The out performing schools and students are awarded with honoraria to encourage FAS partner schools to improve their educational quality. Partner school students who achieve top positions in PEC/BISE are awarded with prizes.

What is the enrollment limit (Policy Capicity) of a partner school?

Maximum policy cap is allocated on the basis of BOD decision whereas the minimum enrolment should not be less than 100 students (which may vary from phase to phase). The school must ensure the provision of proper infrastructure and all relevant facilities for its enrolled students.

What will happen if the school gives inaccurate/false enrolment figures to FAS department?

It is strongly suggested that school administration should take particular care and diligence in sending the monthly enrolment update to FAS. Any negligence or ignorance will also result in the imposition of penalties. Conveying of wrong information to visiting monitor will also be dealt strictly and penalty imposed.

What is overcrowding in school and what will be the consequences of overcrowding in school?

In order to obtain the quality outcomes, it is imperative that the partner school pay special attention to the school’s infrastructure. As per FAS SOP’s overcrowding in a classroom means more than 35 students (exceptions for OSC allowed as per policy) sitting in a classroom. Schools that are found to be overcrowded at any time after entering into FAS partnership will face the penalties.

What does it mean by Congested class?

A classroom that carries students more than its capacity is called a congested classroom. Capacity of a classroom is calculated after leaving a space of 3 feet from writing board to first row of students. School management has to ensure that there should be no congested classrooms in the school failing to which penalty may be imposed.

How many campuses are allowed for partner schools and at what distance these should be?

PEF partner schools are allowed to have max three campuses. The maximum distance between the campuses should not be more than 500 meters for rented buildings and 1 kilometer for owned building. However, to arrange separate campus for Higher Secondary Classes (11th and 12th) distance for rented building is allowed up to 700 meters. Distance of all campuses are measured from main campus.

How the record of Out of School Children (OSC) will be maintained?

All PEF Partner schools are required to maintain proper record of Out of School Children separately.

What will happen if corporal punishment is observed in the school?

PEF exercises a non-tolerance policy against corporal punishment. As per FAS SOPs penalty will be imposed on the school where corporal punishment will be reported.Repeated observation of corporal punishment can lead to cancellation of FAS partnership as well.

What can result in penalties /cancellation of agreement?

Some of the following actions of partner school may result in imposition of penalties and/or cancellation of the partnership agreement under PEF-FAS:

A. Charging Fee and/or allied charges from the students

Public money is a sacred trust with PEF, any misuse or misappropriation of these funds will not be tolerated. It is strongly suggested that schools should desist all monetary transactions (sales of books, uniforms, badges, stationery, photocopy charges, paper fund, admission charges, school leaving certificate fee, registration fees, selling of model papers, fine in any shape etc.) to the students immediately and keep a vigilant eye on school staff to ensure that any such incident does not occur. Negligence or ignorance is not accepted while imposition of these penalties.

B. Failure in FAS QAT

Failure to meet PEF-BOD approved criteria for qualifying FAS QAT in two consecutive attempts leads to cancellation of FAS partnership agreement. A third chance may be given to twice failure school to qualify QAT. However, no financial assistance is provided during that period.

C. Sexual Harassment

If any complaint received against school management or teachers regarding sexual harassment and proved, it may lead to cancellation of partnership agreement.

When the new phase is launched?

New phase of FAS is launched keeping in view the enrollment targets of financial year, and subject to approval of its Board of directors.

Are partner schools allowed to run canteens in their premises?

PEF schools are allowed to run canteen in their premises; subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Only stationery items i.e. lead pencils, sharpener, eraser, ball pen, rulers can be sold.
  2. Eatables i.e. snack of any kind, cold drinks, fast food etc can be sold.
  3. Books, uniform, badges etc cannot be sold in canteen.
  4. Canteen can’t be used for profit making in shape of rent.

Please note that partners are allowed to facilitate teachers & students through the provision of canteen within school premises but it shall not be rented out.

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