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CPDP Initiatives
Certification Regime for Teachers in PEF Partner Schools

Certification regime for teachers in partner schools initiated with the aim to:

  1. Improve the school image & prestige
  2. Make easier for principals’ to retain effective teachers
  3. Encourage the teachers to become effective classroom practitioner
  4. Incentivize the certified teachers

In order to get a certificate of successful completion of Teacher Development Program (TDP), teachers shall be required to appear in test which shall be conducted by testing firm based on training modules. The payment for test of a teacher is estimated at Rs.600/- and shall be provided by PEF. In case the teacher does not qualify test, expense of next attempts shall be borne by the school teacher. In case a teacher qualifies the test he/ she will submit copy of certificate/result to PEF. PEF shall pay Rs.5, 000 to a certified teacher directly (one time in the whole year which will start from the date of getting certificate from testing firm). If a certified teacher is retained in the school for a year, the teacher shall be entitled to annual Rs.5000 from PEF. (For each continuing year the same Rs.5, 000/- shall be entitled to the teacher from PEF). The mechanism for payment to certified teacher for first time as follows:

  1. Rs.2,500 shall be borne by PEF
  2. Rs.2,500 shall be deducted from payments to be made to respective schools (one time in the whole year)

If a teacher is retained in the school for a year, annual Rs.5, 000 shall be paid by PEF, nothing shall be deducted from school payments and the same shall be applied for upcoming years. PEF took this initiative because the teachers are nation builders. Trained teachers can better groom his/her students in a classroom. Good teachers are essential for the effective functioning of education systems and for improving the quality of learning processes.

Categorization of schools on the basis of certified teachers

No. of certified teachers will be considered for ranking/ categorization of partner schools. Payments for 5 students will be deducted from one month payment of the school if the training is offered to the school and school teachers do not attend the offered training.

School Mentoring Activity (SMA)

School Mentoring Activity is a new initiative of CPDP department to ensure quality education in PEF partner schools through its Master trainers (MTs). MTs are effectively supporting PEF partner schools in terms of school improvement and enhancing the pedagogical skills of teaching staff in their respective tehsils/districts .The areas focused under SMA are following:

  • Teaching QAT Module
  • Teacher Information System (TIS) up- gradation

In future , SMA may also focus on following :

  • Classroom Management
  • Financial Management of schools

Till date, approximately 800 schools of FAS/EVS/NSP have been mentored in 36 districts of Punjab through 55 MTs.

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

CPDP is going to establish Early Childhood Education (ECE) rooms in collaboration with UNICEF in 105 FAS schools of following 5 districts:

  1. Lahore
  2. Toba Tek Singh
  3. Jhang
  4. Rahim Yar Khan
  5. Rajanpur

Schools have been selected on the basis of following criteria:

  1. Availability of a separate ECE classroom
  2. Availability of ECE Teacher in each school
  3. Availability of ECE Care Giver in each school
  4. Existence of a School Committee with representation of mothers
  5. Availability of children 3-5 years to constitute ECE Classroom

The interventions of ECE are planned as follows:

  1. Setting up of ECE rooms by using ECE kits
  2. Training of 15 Master Trainers (MTs) through DSD
  3. Training of 105 Head Teacher, 105 ECE Teacher and 105 ECE Care Givers
  4. 1 day orientation of 1 Member (each) from School Committees of 105 Schools
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