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The department of Academic Development Unit (ADU) was established in 2005 to plan and conduct Quality Assurance Test (QAT) for all PEF partner schools. It consists of a team of Subject Specialists of English, Mathematics, Urdu, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. This team is continuously engaged in developing new resources, materials and items for QAT. They develop question banks for each class and each subject based on the content prescribed under Punjab Text Book Board. These items for QAT are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. In this way ADU enjoys pivotal role because it upholds the vision and strategy of the organization through standardized quality assurance tests and promotes quality education in public private partnership. ADU has come up as a respectable entity but it has to meet many challenges keeping in view the rigorous expansion of the programs in recent years.

What is QAT?

The Quality Assurance Test is the exclusive responsibility of the ADU. Administering Quality Assurance Tests gives a quantifiable measure of the impact of PEF schemes and helps in determining the learning outcomes of the schools.

Preliminary QAT of new applicant schools is conducted for new PEF-FAS partners. Generally one Preliminary QAT is conducted, every year depending upon the approved budget and BOD decision.

QAT Qualification Criteria

Passing Criteria for Regular QAT:

Program Criteria
FAS 75% Students must secure 40% average marks
EVS 50% Students must secure 40% average marks
NSP 50% Students must secure 33% average marks

Passing Criteria for Preliminary QAT:

Program Criteria
FAS 66.67% Students must secure 35% in English and 40% average marks in Urdu and Mathematics

Passing Criteria for PSSP Assessment:

Program Criteria
PSSP 50% Students must secure 40% average marks
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