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Public School Support Program

Overview of Program

Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) promotes free and quality education through Public Private Partnership (PPP) under Punjab Education Foundation Act 2004 through series of programs such as FAS, EVS, NSP which are non-commercial non-profit in nature. PEF is creating substantial change in remote areas of Punjab through free of cost schooling for under privileged/disadvantaged. Government of the Punjab through Board of Directors (BOD) of PEF has initiated and approved Public School Support Program (PSSP) under Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) to improve quality of education in low performing public schools. This is a noncommercial, non-profit program with aim to provide free of cost quality education in existing public schools through involvement of private sector.

Objective of PSSP

In order to fulfill obligations under article 25-A of constitution of Pakistan and to enhance Involvement of private sector to complement efforts of public sector in provision of free and compulsory education for all children of the age 5-16, the objectives of PSSP are as under:

  1. To increase enrolment in low performing Public Sector Schools.
  2. To improve quality of education.
  3. To provide conducive teaching and learning facilities.
  4. To ensure enrolment of Out of School Children (OOS).

Major Categories of PSSP Licensees:

  • Educational Chains
  • NGOs (Social Sector/Education Sector)
  • PEF Partner Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Retired Government Employees
  • Private Individuals
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