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Sir Michael Barber

Special Representative, DFID Pakistan

The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) is playing a key role in achieving the goals of the Punjab Education Sector Roadmap Programme (PESRP) by promoting free school education in economically deprived communities.

The Punjab government took an exceptional step by expanding low-cost private schools through PEF, which has led to a rapid growth of its voucher programme during the last three years. The pace of this expansion is unprecedented anywhere in the world. PEF’s innovative approach will continue to play a crucial role in helping more children to access quality education and allow Punjab to realise the 96 percent enrolment goal set out in PESRP.

DFID will continue to support and work with the Punjab Governmen so to PEF and other similar initiatives would expand further.


Richard Montgomery

Head DFID Pakistan

There are still too many children in Pakistan who have no access to a decent education. The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has done some excellent work to promote schooling in deprived communities. PEF’s innovative use of vouchers and public-private partnerships are not only reaching more students, but will also help improve the capacity of schools and teachers.

DFID is pleased to be contributing to PEF. We are committed to strengthening our cooperation with the Punjab Government, so that organizations like PEF can reach more children and more schools. This is another example of the Government of Punjab seeking to build an effective and innovative institution for the benefit of its citizens. We believe the model being created will have important lessons for other provinces and countries. Education is one of the most important factors which can transform Pakistan’s future, in which no child is without education. PEF can help build that future.

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