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Managing Director’s Message

MD Message Education is fundamental right of every child. Education equips children with skills to shape their future which in turn transforms the whole society Educated and thriving citizens are the most precious asset of a country to scale the heights of glory among comity of nations.

Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) was established in 1991 to provide assistance to private sector and engage their potential for cause of education in underserved areas. PEF has gradually expanded into a big organization with different modes of public private partnership. It has presence in all 36 districts of Punjab and a large number of children are enrolled under its different programs namely FAS, EVS and NSP. Major thrust of these programs is to provide access in hard to reach areas at minimal cost. PEF is also assisting partner in other areas like teachers’ training through its Continuous Professional Development Program (CPDP) and free textbooks for students.

PEF is social service instrument. Its robust model is key element in spreading light of education to communities who cannot afford it otherwise. With a student cohort of around 2.6 million PEF can rightly look towards future with confidence. PEF has come a long way in last few years. Its progress is duly recognized across country and at international level. PEF team and school partners realize the sensitivity and value of their work. They recognize the scale of responsibility which needs their constant drive and commitment. The framework needs to keep improving to deliver satisfactory results. PEF staff and partner schools jointly commit to it for glorious future of this country.

Dr. Farah Masood

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