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Chairman’s Message

Chairmans Message It is a matter of great satisfaction that the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has emerged as a great facilitator for providing free quality education to the deserving students of disfranchised communities who cannot enjoy their basic right of education due to various socio-economic constraints. In fact, PEF has emerged as a most successful model in providing gratis education to the disadvantageous children. This fact has also been duly endorsed and commended by the international community which takes PEF as a role model initiative in the South Asian region.

At the end of year 2016, PEF was facilitating more than 2.5 million deserving students through private sector by not only paying their entire school dues but also arranging free of cost textbooks for them. PEF Programs include Foundation Assisted School (FAS), New School Program (NSP) and Education Voucher Scheme (EVS) to open PEF partnering schools in all areas of the province where no school exists within one kilometer. This will open the doors of free education to a much larger number of deserving students in the province; opening new avenues of hope, prosperity and economic development which will surely lead to an enduring social revolution at the grassroots. In addition, PEF has launched Public Schools Support Program (PSSP) to support public schools.

It is important to note that the success of PEF story lies in its public private partnership based mechanism of free education. This model is most cost-effective, result-oriented and efficient. It has not only encouraged thirst for knowledge in the impecunious strata, but also facilitated and strengthened the beneficial role of the private schools, who are helped by this foundation in a number of ways.

The political will exhibited by the drive of Chief Minister Punjab, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif is, no doubt, the decisive factor behind this success story. He deserves full credit for his all-out support to the foundation in all respects. Due to it, PEF is vigorously contributing to the achievements in the education sector roadmap. I feel no hesitation to assure that PEF will continue to play a leading role in providing free quality education to the children of entire Punjab at their doorsteps.

The light of the knowledge is spreading everywhere!

Engineer Qamar ul Islam Raja

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